USB WAN modem on SDX Pro

Hi Peplink,

SDX Pro has 2x USB WAN Ports.
Can customer use external 4G/5G modems connected to these ports?


Hi @deni.widianto USB ports can be used with USB modems. Here is our supported modem list:

Hi @Rokas_Musteikis , thanks for your information.

I see all of the modems listed are mainly 3G/4G.
Do you have any reference for 5G modem?


@deni.widianto only listed USB modems are currently supported. Why FlexModule was not considered for SDX pro ? There are LTE/5G FlexModules available for it.

Do the 5G FlexModules have all the allocated frequencies from the TV UHF Auction completed about 2 months ago and critical for ATT and Verizon higher speeds destined to be rolled out by EOY?