USB WAN Converted to USB LAN

Hello Peplink Team,

Requesting possible future feature enhancement.

We manage between around 300 networks in the SMB territory. Mostly networks with only Firewalls, Switches, IP Phones, Access Points, IP Paging Gear.

We use a variety of tools for monitoring but there is one particular SaaS Based Performance Monitoring tools that we really want to use because it integrates into our PSA which also integrates with our real time dashboard monitor software.

The Saas Based Performance Monitor has the ability to run the probe on a Mini PC Stick, giving us the ability to not monitor mostly SNMP traffic through a VPN to our customer sites. Thus eliminating our Probe Server and all VPN connections with the overhead that comes with maintaining this. On top of this software integrating with our PSA as well.

We don’t have dedicated computers or servers at customer premise, only networking hardware that I mentioned above.

My request would be to have the ability to to convert the USB WAN port in a USB LAN port on the Balance series so that we can use a Mini PC Stick as a probe for the entire network that reports back to it’s cloud database which then in tern integrates with our PSA and real time monitoring dashboards. This would basically only be used for SNMP traffic.