USB to mini PCIE converter and ZTE/Sierra Wireless cards?

Hello – wondering if it might be possible to use a simple USB to mini PCIE converter module with my MAX 700 unit? I’m trying to find a good LTE band 12 device for my purposes and there are not a lot of available options out there which is why I am trying to jump through hoops.

From what I understand, these units operate on the USB bus with the cards and the adapter itself is pretty dumb, just passing through the USB interface. They tell you to use the driver from the manufacturer of the card in whatever device you are connected to (my MAX700). As an example, I am trying to use a ZM8620 card from ZTE. Is it possible the cards would use the same drivers as the other ZTE devices that are supported?

Here is a very basic adapter card…

Probably would get a unit like this for the enclosure but I think it is the same thing…

Here is a page on the ZTE ZM8620 (the other card I am considering is the Sierra Wireless MC7455)

Did you ever get this going? I’m thinking if exactly the same thing using the Sierra Wireless 7455.