USB to LAN adapters supported?

I searched the modem-list, but in there I can’t find such a thing. Does the MAX BR-range support USB to LAN adapters, to provide an extra WAN connection? So for example: 2 USB 3G/4G dongles, one USB-RJ45 as an extra WAN, and the built-in RJ45 WAN connection, to create a bonded VPN tunnel of 4 WAN connections?

The BR range does not support bandwidth bonding (Except MAX-BR2-AE-SF-IP55)
To bond multiple cellular and up to two RJ45 links, you require the MAX700, MAX HD2 or HD4

I’m asking for the MAX-OTG-U4-SF. This one does support bonding up to 4 USB devices and 1 RJ45 WAN. For these USB devices I’m wondering if USB-RJ45 adapters are supported or not?

We do not currently support any USB-RJ45 adapters, only USB cellular modems.

Just tested with a Gigabit USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter Model USB2-E1000 and got the following from the device- “Unable to connect”
At the bottom of the display, it also said the following.
“An unknown modem is detected. To help us investigate this issue, please connect the WAN to the Internet and keep your modem connected. Our engineers will assist you in getting the modem to work. For more details, please visit our Modem Support page at

That message is displayed because it is an unsupported device, we only support actual USB cellular modems at this time.