USB to LAN adapter for Speedfusion Engine (SFE)


Hello team,

Just would like to ask whether you a recommended usb to LAN adapter you can share for SFE?
we are struggling to look for this locally here in Australia.
if you have a URL to share where we can get online, much appreciated.

many thanks


Do you have more info to share for this ?

By default you just need a USB cable from your PC to the SFE device.

SFE dongle usb-c/ethernet

Hello @rocknolds,
We found several cables available locally by just doing an online search for “usb type c to micro usb cable”, these should work like @sitloongs’s Micro USB to USB-Type A cable for us both.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


thank you guys however we are actually expecting something like the below., for customers who would like to distribute this LAN connectivity by connecting to a switch, or an AP for example. Can you share something that already work? or will this not work?



Hello Reynaldo,
The image you have is for a USB Type-C to Eithernet adaptor, this will not fit the SpeedFusion Engine, though it will fit a lot of new computers.

What we think you may need is to find is something that is like this image, we found this doing a search for " USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet Adapter, USB Type Micro-B"

The next bit comes down to compatibility with the SpeedFusion Engine Firmware, @sitloongs may be able to get some clarification on this for everyone.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Do you think the below will work, driver compatible?
usb connector looks correct.



usb2ethernet adapters are not supported as far as i know. You can connect your SFE via usb to your computer and will find a new network adapter on your computer.



Do you have more info to share for your SFE use case ? Most of the case when end user go for SFE they are more concerns about the form factor for the deployment. Any reason why you need to convert the USB LAN port to a Ethernet LAN port ?

Do help us to understand your deployment first before we discuss further on this. Just worry it may cause other unexpected problem when the deployment is not right.


The SFE is the cheapest way to have bonded cellular in a small form factor. As long as we have volume based contracts on cellular connections, it is always good to have a WAN and a LAN-port. It makes the SFE even more flexible when high availability is more important than big throughput. If i use the ethernet port as a Failover WAN, where do i connect my end devices ?

+1 for additional LAN-Port via USB


Hi, we also have a use case for customers requesting a small form factor. They use the WAN for satellite and would like to use the usb-lan to ethernet adapter. Will this functionality come?


@arne_leo, we don’t recommend to convert the USB LAN to an ethernet connection. If you need ethernet LAN and WAN ports, please refer the link below for product comparison.


Hi guys, sorry for question, but i dont’ understand if the SFE support or not support a usbmini-network adapter ?


hi asimula, what you can do is connect your usb cable from that usb mini port of SFE and the other end of the cable towards standard usb port of your PC.
Then check your Network Connections and you will find an Ethernet LAN object created for your usage.

it does not support for the adapter you mentioned.

Hope this helps.


Hi @rocknolds thank you fo the clarification, even if at this point I think the USB port almost unusable.
Maybe it was better to use that usb port to power the device and that’s it.