USB Tethering - very slow

Balance One Core running 8.2.0 build 5304

Both my ISPs went down yesterday leaving me with no internet. So i decided to try USB tethering to my android phone (Google Pixel 6).

Set up was fine once i figured out the SIM PIN - I got an IP and it appeared to be working - but despite the phone running a speedtest at about 6Mbps - the most i ever saw go through the USB tether to my network was 100kbps - which was pretty useless.

Any ideas what might cause the USB tether to be so slow despite the phone having somewhat decent throughput? I tried this with multiple cables, etc.

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Do you pay for tethering with your provider?
It sounds like they are limiting the speed.

Yes - tethering works really well via wifi - the USB tethering is on the same plan .

I just tested tethering to a USB port on a laptop and it gave me about the same throughput at the cell phone reports. Not sure why the peplink connection is so different…

Hi Graham. That’s an interesting case. Some time ago @WeiMing was kind enough to do some tests of “USB connectivity” in his lab at my request. I’d have to dig them up but as I recall the results were pretty much as expected – it was the “USB standards/protocol” that was limiting, not the router per se. Perhaps he could comment?

Failing that, I’d suggest you open a ticket for assistance. But if you do so, I’d ask that you come back here and tell us what you learned. I’d like to know more about this.