USB Tethering trouble with Balance One Core

I can’t get my Balance One Core (firmware 8.0.2 Bld 4407) to tether properly with my Galaxy S8 phone (Android version 9) with Verizon Wireless. I confirmed with VzW that my account is enabled for mobile hotspot which includes USB tethering capability. I’ve connected my phone to BalOneCore’s USB port with a USB cable, and enabled ‘USB Tethering’ setting under “Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering”. On router Dashboard, under ‘Mobile Internet’, the router recognizes the presence of the phone, reports “Initializing”, then reports “Connecting…”, but it never advances beyond this point, never manages to obtain an IP address and establish a working Internet WAN connection. Can anyone help me troubleshoot? And, to begin, does Peplink USB tethering require the use of a so-called “On-The-Go” USB cable? I’m current using a USB cable that apparently can pass data (I can use it to mount my phone as a USB mass storage device on my PC) but it isn’t an OTG cable as far as I know. Does this matter? Peplink says USB Tethering is “Plug and Play” but obviously there is some config setting or other issue standing in my way.

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