USB tether is disconnected/connected again

I have been using the wifi hotspot on my Verizon Samsung S7 for internet access but found that connecting it via USB (when it works) gives a snappier response. But I cannot get the Surf Soho to maintain the USB connection consistently. It is running on the latest firmware 7.1.1. The events log show the Soho changing the priority on the WAN every few minutes. The USB is set for first priority but it is defaulting repeatedly to the wifi hotspot, which is set for second priority (both connections are on on the S7). The USB does not even show up on Dashboard sometimes. Other times it shows up, but “unknown physical status” is showing. Other times is says “connecting” and may or may not connect.

I use a spare Galaxy S7 as my internet source via USB connection through a laptop then into the Surf Soho. I notice I lose connection every time an incoming call comes in. I tend to have to reboot the phon e periodically. Have you tried a reboot?

Yes, I did reboot at one point, but it had the same effect as pulling the power cord. Pulling the power cord did not involve looking for a pin though!

Oh, sorry, you meant rebooting the phone. That would make no sense in my case, the phone was still transmitting a hotspot fine, and that is what the laptop connects to when the Surf Soho goes down. Now that I have downloaded the firmware update, we will see if the signal from the Surf disappears after this. So weird that it looks perfectly fine but is invisible when this happens.