USB ports on MAX Transit?

What are the two USB ports for on the MAX Transit? I can’t find this in the documentation or specifications but I might not be looking in the right place. External USB modems?

They are for powering the Transit eg from Battery Power banks.

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Aha that makes sense. Wouldn’t use that on a boat since I have 12v handy already. Good to know.

The full spec of those ports is:
Power Input: 2x Micro USB with 5V, 2A each

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Please… Do I need to use both Micro USB to power up Max TST Duo OR just one is okay?
Thank you.

You are meant to use both USB connectors - each with their own 2A supply (two batteries or 2 AC ->DC adapters). In practice though a single high current source works fine in my experience, although I do tend to use 2.4A 5V supplies.

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hi, Martin.
Thank you for your answer.