USB port on Balance 20

Is the USB WAN port supported when the third ETHERNET WAN port has been enabled and is in use? Concisely, does the Balance 20 support 4 WAN ports?

The USB port is a dedicated WAN port so yes, in that case it would be a total of 4 WAN ports. Thanks

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That is great!

Now, has anyone (in their right mind) gotten a non-cellular USB WIFI device to work in that port? I understand it isn’t officially supported, but can it be done??

Very unlikely. The UI doesn’t exist on the Balnace 20 to configure a USB wifi adapter. USB Ethernet will work though, so you could do USB Ethernet > Ethernet to WIFI Bridge using something like a Vonets Wireless Bridge but you are likely to hit hardware performance limitations on the B20 as it was not designed to do what you’re thinking as a typical deployment scenario.

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In addition to what Martin said, we’ve used about three of these, I think, with good results –

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While using the three WAN Ports plus the USB port via a USB/ETHERNET adapter does work, there is a performance hit using all four ports. In testing, I found that the throughput on the three WAN ports is only marginally less than using all four WAN ports. Perhaps if you had 4 slow ISP connects it would be OK. I imagine the USB adapter may be playing a part in the performance.