USB network adapter drivers for Peplink USB ports

Please add drivers for USB network adapters as the one shown below so that the USB port of the Peplink Balance can be used as a 4th WAN port for something other than cellular.

That would be a nifty feature to have on my Balance 380 also.


My company has 380s at our branches and having the ability to add a 4th WAN other than cellular would be beneficial at a few of the locations.

This is on the roadmap to support USB Ethernet adapter on Balance series.
I don’t have release date but will definitely look into this.


Thanks, I am looking forward to an update on this feature request.


Thanks really looking forward to this feature!

Please update so we can use the USB post on a SOHO as a 2nd WAN port.


Found you posted the same question in multiple forum post. Please check the reply for the forum thread below: