USB modem reset via CLI or watchdog

Hi, My USB WAN Modem randomly freezes and needs to be power-cycled or unplug and plug USB modem back into pep20 or SOHO (same behavior across 20+ sites) which is hard for remote site.

Using: USB Modem AirCArd U313 ATT across all remote locations. In some of them using External antennas to get signal @ stable high level.

Question is: Is it possible to make USB reset via CLI or watchdog in the GUI. Signal level is not the case. Physically remove and plug USB modem back helps re-initialize modem and reconnect.

via CLI I getting this:
> system modem reset
sh: unbind: unknown operand
Usage: ./cli

./cli bandwidth.transferred
./cli bandwidth.aggregated
./cli bandwidth.wan
./cli status.clientlist
./cli status.cpuload -p NUM]
./cli status.ha
./cli status.s2svpn
./cli status.session
./cli status.wan -i CONNECTION_ID]
./cli system.debugmode
./cli system.eventlog -d] -n NUM]
./cli system.reboot -y] -d NUM]
./cli system.restore
./cli system.uptime
./cli modem.reset


Appreciate if you can open ticket at

But I’m not sure if its an issue or this feature just not avail as my commands are not in documentation. May be I just have wrong syntax.


For those models with the USB power control capability, we have already implemented the watchdog for the USB power cycle. Thus, it is automatic and no CLI is needed.

hm which models support it?

and how do I know that in this case USB watchdog works properly?

When the watchdog triggers the power cycle, the USB device in the dashboard will be disappeared for a instance. The Surf SOHO supports this functionality. For the Balance 20, we suggest you can open up a ticket, and our team will try to figure out the cause of the Aircard 313U connectivity issue.