Usb LTE + wan - Load Balance

I’m interested into a load balancing solution for an hotel (about 60room).
Which is the best solution? We have to manage two wan and one lte connection.

Usb modem port is for backup only or it could be used to do load balancing togheter with wan connection?

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We alway recommend using Mobile Internet (USB LTE) as a backup instead of active connection. Below is the recommended setup.

  • WAN1 = Active
  • WAN2 = Active
  • Mobile Internet = Backup

However if we need it as active connection could we enable it? is it possible to set a monthly download limit for lte connection?

Which model we should buy? we are looking into BPL-ONE or 30 LTE could it be suitable for our case?

We don’t need vpn, just load balancing because in our area there isn’t a good internet connection

Sure, you can always enable it as an active connection. You can setup the Bandwidth Allowance monitor and select to disable the LTE connection when it hits your cap.

The Balance One is more powerful so I recommend going with that one.