USB Just stops working

I have a Surf Soho operating on just a USB LTE stick here in Canada on Rogers.

Last month on Firmware 6.1.0 about this time, the USB just stopped providing Internet service. A phone call to the neighbor who had a key said that everything looked good but there was no Internet. Powered down the USB stick and powered back up again when I got home a few weeks later and all was well. I was in Florida at the time.

This morning same USB stick same router but new 6.1.2 firmware and the same thing happened. No Internet but the stick looked normal and the Surf Soho said that all was well and that I was connected to Rogers with LTE service and no issues.

Powered the USB down and then back up and all was well again.

I contacted Rogers and they said no issues period.

I have turned on remote assistance and if anyone has a suggestion I am all ears.

This setup worked just fine for over a year with no issues. In the past if cell service was lost for whatever reason the Pepwave would recover by itself. But that does not seem to be the case this time.

About 4 hours later, it did it again while the wife and I went shoplifting.

When I returned home I noticed that we had no Internet so this time instead of unplugging the USB stick, I just did a disable then an enable on the main router page and everything came back up.

The logs show that the device went off line about 12:00 and then back on line after I did the disable enable.

I have another USB stick so to be 100% sure I will get a replacement SIM and swap both out tomorrow.


Do let us know the outcome of your test. If same problem occur, please open ticket at here.

I have opened a new case thanks.