USB Extender - Balance 710 Hangs


We have been using a 3G dongle as fall over on our 710 for sometime and all is well.

The area has recently been upgraded to 4G, so we bought a new dongle which works plugged directly into the Balance 710 but reception is extremely poor so we have invested in a USB 2 Extender over Cat5 so that we can locate the dongle in a good area.

However as soon as the USB Extender is plugged in the Balance 710 hangs (Even rebooting it hangs on loading…)

It appears that the extender is drawing to much power from the balance 710 and killing it.

The Extender kit does come with a single power brick but this is for the remote site but plugging this into the source extender the Balance 710 does not hang (which lead me to the above) but the remote extender has no power.

It’ a Startech 1 Port USB 2.0 Extender over Cat5 (Up to 100m).

Has anybody come across this before.



A good solution might be to skip the USB extender and get a cellular antenna and cable to connect to the modem instead. Depending on the model it will have an antenna port on the side or top. Run a cable up to the roof and you solve the problem of poor signal and the extender not working with the 710. LTE :