USB-Ethernet on Balance 20X

@Jonathan_Pitts pointed out that I can expand my Balance 20X with a USB-Ethernet adapter to get a second WAN. So I had to immediately investigate, and pull this out into its own topic.

I plugged a generic one in, and it shows up in Status:

But I don’t see a new entry in the “Network” settings to configure it.

Do I have to configure something else? The link isn’t currently active as there is nothing plugged into it. Is that expected behavior?

I think I found what I need:

Will try this out first and report back.


Click on mobile-internet then ? at the top and use usb-ethernet option.

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its not limited to 20x… i use an ethernet USB dongle on my Balance Two (to extend to 3 ethernet WANs). USB ethernet is more than adequate for a 50/5 DSL.


This just saved me MASSIVE frustration. Thank you.