Usage Notifications in IC2 SIM pools and dashboards

Here’s one from a different customer:

  1. In IC2 -> usage reports:
    an ICCID field in the custom pools report. This will be a through line to Orchestra reporting. IMSI is not as SIM specific to our tracking:

  2. In IC2 -> SIM usage pools
    Export of all Custom Pools’ fields and data in CSV for manipulation. Right now it’s just per 1 device.

  3. Custom Pools Notification intervals past 100%, as a pool overage is a 5 alarm fire and we should have at least an option to continue to notify in case of an overage that costs unbudgeted dollars:

  4. In IC2 -> group dashboard
    A usage/ device/ month (or billing cycle) to date on the dashboard, as another field, so customer can recognize sites as problem children:

I’ve attached a docx file showing screenshots of the above.

Thanks for your consideration.


Your message is very clear. They do also make sense. We have put them to our road map. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

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Thanks Michael!