US Data Plan on LTE CAT-18 Models

Yeah, video streaming works fine. I think 200GB-300GB is typical usage for our lines. I’ve heard of people using much more without issues.

On the (current) postpaid plan or the pre-paid (now dead) plan? Your behavior matches the pre-paid plan, but I’ve heard a bunch of people in the past say the postpaid plan IS actually throttled per their marketing.

Hard throttled (always) or (prioritized) network managed based on traffic volume?
I’ve read network managed at 22gb — meaning may or may not slow depending on bandwidth traffic.
I may be wrong though…

Verizon’s behavior with standard postpaid unlimited plans is a hard throttle, not just network prioritization.

To be clear, I’m on a pre-paid unlimited Verizon plan which I usually put several hundreds gigs a month through. It’s always soft-throttled (network managed) – I can virtually always get more throughput through my postpaid cell phone than through the jetpack sim card (in a peplink). So, I haven’t tried any of these newer plans. I’d love for them to just be network prioritization, but that hasn’t matched behavior I’ve seen on other forums.

Many thanks for your feedback.
However, was referring to ATT plans.

Do you adjust APN as well?

I have them all set to 64, but I haven’t tested to see if it makes any difference. I believe that plan has unlimited hotspot, so it might not even matter.

mbrook, I pm’d you…

I’m approaching the end of month #1 with my Pepwave CAT18 Max Transit router.
My intent was to have my 100 GB plan with T-Mobile be my primary plan, and my 15 GB plan with VZW be my backup. I am located on Long Island NY, and the plan is to work out all the kinks with this hardware/network and data plans and move it all to the boat this spring as we push off to be cruisers and full time liveaboards. I bought two M39T mimo antennas which for now are indoors, but will be mounted on the boat about 12’ off the water. These antennas are specifically designed to work on Band 71 as well as all the other bands in use in No. America.
Results: When within my 15GB, VZW is giving me 115mbps down / 35mbps up, it varies of course. After the 15GB limit, it is 0.6mbps up and down, consistently. The Pepwave labels this as “LTE-A” in both VZW scenarios.

T-Mobile is not “blocking” my CAT18 Max Transit router, per se. But it is not giving me the performance I am seeing with VZW. For example: 28mbps down/11mbps up, 32.4 down 9.6 up, etc. The same label of LTE-A appears. I have not burned through my 100GB plan yet, but I should be able to before the end of the billing cycle, to see what happens to T-Mobile performance at that time. I presume this community will tell me the CAT 18 should be doing much better than that on T-Mobile’s network. My question is this: Will the CAT 12 router be BETTER?!?!?!?

I am consuming about 3.5 GB per day, mostly VoIP RingCentral, and Zoom Meetings, Outlook etc.
I am keeping our 1080p SmartTV off this network, as that is a significant bandwidth hog especially this month with NFL playoffs! LOL

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Interesting. We have not seen a situation, so far as I am aware, where the performance of a CAT12 modem exceeded that of a 18; they’re often about the same but the 18 has never been worse. As to TMO’s performance – these things tend to be highly location specific. We’ve often seen situations where minor changes in location, antennas, antenna polarization, transmission line length, etc, made huge differences in performance.

One thing you might do – take your MAX Transit for a ride in your car. Stop periodically and do your tests again. Any differences from your home location? Seems you’ve been diligent about this – maybe more testing is in order?

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regarding your TVs, I have three on my boat, I limited bandwidth on them to 1.5 or 2mbps when on cellular. They are only 32" so dont need more, picture looks fine. i make sure, auto-play is turned off so if someone turns off a tv without hitting the home button, things don’t keep streaming.

as for your cat 18 versus cat12 question, i think the issue was certain carriers were blanket blocking the cat 18 because the radio was manufactured by someone new? i dont know if that block was ever lifted. if you are gertting 28/11mbps i dont think you have that issue?

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Cat18 APN etc settings needed for the ATT Standalone Tablet plan. Help anyone before I install the sim?

The APN is broadband. But I didn’t have to enter or change any settings for AT&T to work.

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pretty sure the standalone tablet / ipad plan was locked down, and will not work, or will be caught, and your account suspended. check HoFo

The reports I read on the likes of is that the postpaid standalone iPad plan still works. It’s a very specific plan that is not sold online and many of the people in the stores don’t know about it. Join the Facebook group to read about it. Easiest way seems to be to call a certain 855 number. You have to supply the IMEI of a LTE tablet.

Although it doesn’t seem to be being shutdown yet because of IMEI mismatch, I get the impression that most people use it in a router with the IMEI changed to match the tablet it was activated on. I don’t think you can do that with a Pepwave and it’s probably illegal but it seems to be commonly done.

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I have set up 6 Pepwave routers, a Netgear Nighthawk M1, and a Netgear Orbi LBR20 all running on AT&T iPad/tablet plans going on 6+ months, with each pulling 200-500GB/month. I have not heard one single report on any group or forum of a POSTPAID plan getting shut down. Yes, the PREPAID iPad plans were nuked, but the postpaid is alive and well. Could they start clamping down at some point? Sure…but right now it’s unlimited/unthrottled internet for $20/month. And it’s fast (edit: these are speeds from a Netgear LBR20)…

Can you please share more about the speed test? Which Peplink device model? What city/state? Single plan/SIM or multiple to yield those speeds? Thanks

Ah I’m sorry, that was with a Netgear LBR20, not a Peplink router. I don’t think I broke 70mbps with the Transit Cat18 in the same location (on a boat in the Chesapeake Bay area). I’ll edit to clarify.

Here’s the best speed test I’ve had with the AT&T tablet plan in the Transit Cat18. This was somewhere between Houston and Port Arthur, TX.

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What antenna(s)