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I recently purchased the Peplink Balance 20 and am totally shocked that the this router is the only router (other than the Peplink 30, etc and 210 etc) that does not support URL Blocking. Truly, I cannot find another router on Google, from the cheapest to the most expensive, that DOES NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE! Can anyone suggest a work around?


Ed Sharp

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Hello Ed,

This feature is supported on our models 380 and higher right now, but has not been implemented on the lower models yet.

The reason you see it on all the other routers is because they only have one WAN and one set of DNS servers to contend with while the Balance has multiples of each. Not so simple.

Until this feature is enabled on the Balance 20, the work around is to create an outbound firewall rule based on the IP or IP range of the URL’s you want to block.



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I too did have a shock when I realized this. Any news on if and when this would become available on the Balance 20?


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+1 for url blocking on Balance 310

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