Urgent Cases Please help

Hi all,

i having a problem with my peplink 580, we use this device as a concentration for Site to Site VPN from others Branches using Pepwave Mobility Router HD2. We did a swap on Friday with a new unit (another unit 580). I downloaded the running configuration on the to be swaped unit and upload it into the replacing unit.

After changing all my site to site VPN configuration on the HD2 unit pointing to the new Balance 580. All the VPN were able to established. After few hours, i do some changes on the site to site VPN because one of the site couldn’t be up, then all the VPN started to disconnected.

Now even i delete all my VPN and try to recreate it, the VPN connection just won’t go up. Could any one help me on this issue or give me some troubleshooting tips ? I could not read the diagnostic report btw.

*the original balance 580 is running on firmware 5.3.7 while the new unit is running on 5.3.11.

I hope to get reply A.S.A.P.


If everything has been working well up until the point where we swapped in the 580 which runs on a different firmware then the first thing to try is to upgrade the HD2 to the same firmware 5.3.11. We should be able to upgrade the HD2 easily by online firmware upgrade on the web admin page.

Please go ahead and file this case with us at http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/. We will need diagnostic reports and maybe remote access to take a closer looks.

I now got reply from the support team, thanks.