Uploading 8.1 beta RC1, reboot stalls at 90%

Over the years, I’ve had problems with my Surf SOHO MK3 dropping WiFi. I heard there were WiFi fixes in 8.1, so I just tried uploading the 8.1 RC1.

However, the device stops rebooting at 90%. It’s been over an hour. Ethernet connection is working (that’s how I’m posting now) but the “Rebooting…” progress bar has been at 90% for over an hour.

Now what do I do? (Screenshot is from 50 mins ago…)

Open another browser window and try logging in again. Also, see if you can ping the box. I know you’re passing through it, but see if the web server service itself is running. Try 80 and also 443.

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Thanks. Logging in (actually, from a different computer) worked. I’m into the admin dialog and the installed firmware shows 8.1.0. Good!