Upload Speed


We have a Balance 710 @ our HQ and I’ve finally been able to persuade the powers to be to install a Leased Line. IT has finally be installed and we have 20Mb on 100Mb bearer.

I can see 20Mb incoming fine, but generally can’t get over 12Mb going out.

I’ve checked by;
Copying a 357Mb file through a SpeedFusion VPN (via a Balance 380, other site has 40+Mb download capacity)
Torrenting a popular torrent
FTP a file to my home Server (I have 50MB cable service)

I was wondering if they was setting somewhere on the Balance that could be limiting our upload connection?

We don’t have QOS enabled, and I have the uplink speed set correctly in the WAN config page.

Hi Michael,

  1. Your PC connected to B710 via ethernet or wifi?

  2. Your PC having same IP subnet with B710’s LAN? I need to confirm whether your PC is going through multiple hops during you performed file transfer.

  3. Can you share the speedtest result (e.g. speedtest with www.speedtest.net) with B710? Ensure PC is using ethernet connection. Please connect PC directly to B710’s LAN if possible.

Thank you.