Upload Speed Issue?

Hello There -

I’m new to Peplink balance 20 (received it yesterday and connected it today). I’ve 2 connections, Comcast HSI @ 45/10 Mbps & AT & T Uverse @ 18/1.5 Mbps.

I’ve set the interface speeds for both WAN’s to 100 full Duplex vs. auto. Both connections I’ve kept active. In speedtest the download speeds do show up properly about 40 Mbps. But it’s the upload speeds which is around 2.8-3.0 Mbps. I never get 11 Mbps. If I directly connect either via Wi-Fi or via CAT5E I do get proper upload speeds of 11Mbps.

Is any setting that I’m missing?

Pls let me know.


Did you set the WAN speeds in the Network - WAN 1 and 2 settings accordingly? An error here will cramp your upload speed.

Bring up the Status - Real time graphs, and watch where the traffic is going out during the test. Make sure its all going where it should via Outbound policy.