Upload request hanging connections

We’ve a Peplink Balance 30 and are experiencing the following situation:

  • 3 adsl routers connected in the wan connections
  • outbound policy persistence by source
  • when somebody upload files to a webpage, all the users that are using the same wan to access internet experiments lot of slowdowns, even timeouts. When the upload is finished, everything returns to normal

My question is, I’ve configured the upload bandwidth available in each wan, but it seems that the Peplink Balance is overflowing the router with all the upload traffic, and not keeping enough bandwidth for the rest of the clients, is it some kind of software limitation or exists any update to solve this?

It seems like there is a congestion in the WAN link when user perform huge upload. Unfortunately only the Balance model 380 and above support the User Groups Bandwidth Control, which allow you to perform bandwidth reservation for certain group of user. Anyway, you may try the Outbound Policy with Overflow algorithm. You can find more information about the Outbound Policy from this article.

Thanks for tipo. We’ve changed the Outbound policy to Overflow algorithm and will try it during the day. One more question, which is the best brand of adsl ethernet modem to work with a peplink balancer?

Please keep us posted on the result.

Most of the ADSL Ethernet modem in the market works well with the Peplink Balance. You might get some advise from the local reseller.

It seems that overflow suffers the same problem. The best option seems to be the weighted balance algorithm, because when one wan is congested by upload, it deviates traffic to other wans (perhaps is because is the only algorithm taking in account the “upload bandwidth” setting?).

For the modem, we’re going to give a try to tp-link brand.

Anyway the User Groups Bandwidth Control QoS feature will be the best option if you plan to upgrade the Balance in future.

It has been a LOT of time since this post, but after trying 5 different brand adsl routers the problem persists. Also we’ve tried using pfSense with traffic shaping and ¡IT WORKS PERFECT! So, we’re happy with peplink balancer, but the lack of interest on this issue, and the new “pay for firmware updates” policy is not so great :S

Anyone with the same problem, get pfsense in a linux box, or a openwrt router, and setup multiwan and traffic shapping for adsl (plenty of info on internet).


Essentially we do not require payments for firmware upgrades. We just require that from a firmware generation change I.E. 5.x to 6.x we require the unit to be under warranty. During these times special pricing on extended warranties was made available.

Also, it does appear Stanley has been replying to every post so may need to clarify “Lack of interest”. Also, being this was over a year ago. Either way let us know if you have any specific inquiries and we’ll be sure to follow-up.

Hi Jarid. First thing, in my country the mandatory warranty for bought electronics is 2 years by law (see:http://blog.feradz.com/index.php/2011/12/29/minimum-warranty-period-for-consumer-goods-in-spain-is-2-years/), so we’re under warranty, but your webpage says another thing…

Second, I mention “lack of interest” not because not replying, but for not enough advanced information. In the peplink interface there is a “DSL/Cable Optimization” checkbox, not nowhere (and nobody) explains what it does, traffic shaping? prioritization? in any case, how the balancer manage the queues when this is enabled? As we don’t know any about this inner working, we cannot debug if the balancer is handling the congestion problem ok or not, but compared with other solutions is clear that something is wrong with the DSL “optimization”.


As far as warranty goes please email sales@peplink and they will be able to sort out any issues that you have if it is not displaying the correct date on our webpage.

DSL/Cable Optimization:

(Without feature unchecked)

A user does a big upload (saturating upload), the download bandwidth falls apart.


A user does a big download (saturating the download), the upload and download bandwidth falls apart.

(With feature checked)
Essentially the DSL/Cable Optimization helps prevent saturation of asymmetric links.

If there are issues that you are noticing, open a support ticket and one of the technical team members will be able to get into the particulars and troubleshoot to resolve.

Thanks Jarid. I’ll do that.