Uplink bandwidth combination?

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If my company has two ADSL (10M/512K), with Peplink balance we can combine these two ADSLs such that we have 20M download and 1.024M upload bandwidth.

Is it correct?

Since we always need to upload a huge file to headquarter, we would like to know whether Peplink balance can meet our requirement.

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The speed benefit comes from having multiple socket connections, split evenly over the two links. That gets your speed up, because you can saturate two links. But for a single action upload such as one file upload, your no better off. Its one socket connection. Downloading can be sped up, because the user can use download accelerators to split the download into multiple pieces (sockets), and web pages consist of many pieces.


Hi Edwin,

Ross has it exactly right, the Balance will do a great job spreading the traffic out over all available WAN connections (dependent how you have your Outbound Policy setup of course) giving you a more efficient use of Bandwidth, especially in a multi-user environment or downloading through a Bit Torrent or Download manager that allows multiple connections.

To help explain further, please review the following article from our Knowledgebase-

article-“Combining the bandwidth of all WAN links. 3M + 3M = 6M?”

I do hope that helps to clarify matter, let us know if you have further questions or concerns at all.

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