Upgrading From Balance 20


I have a Balance 20 appliance at a client site. It’s been working very well and meeting their requirements, until recently when they upgraded their Internet connection. The max throughput of the Balance 20 is 125Mbps, but their Internet connection is now capable of 1Gbps. Looking for recommendation for an upgraded model that will support higher throughput. It doesn’t necessarily need to support 1Gbps. I think the 600Mbps throughput on the Balance One would be good enough for their needs, but open to other suggestions.

I’m also wondering if I can take the backed up config from the Balance 20 and restore it on the Balance One if I were to go with that model. It would save time not having to configure everything from scratch (IP Reservations, Remote User profiles for L2TP VPN, etc).

Many thanks, in advance

I would vote for the Balance 20x. I think the speed rating is 900Mbps. Its not clear from the description but it can support multiple concurrent wired WAN connections, like the Balance 20, but one has to go into the USB port with a USB/Ethernet adapter.

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If you don’t need the LTE fallback of the 20x but do need two wired WAN connections then I really like the Balance two. It offers 1Gbps router throughput and I would personally prefer the two built-in WAN connections over the use of a USB-based dongle for production use.

On the down-side: It costs more, and does not have the future-proofing of the flex modules.

Just the usual $0.02



Carefull - If you read the description of the Balance 20X it mentions “Stateful Firewall Throughput”,
that’s not the same as router throughput. It counts up and down at the same time.

If no SpeedFusion is required the Balance Two is the right device. It’s was purposely developed for Gigabit connections. That’s why it states router throughput 1 Gbps.


Thanks for the suggestion. I think the Balance Two is the better option. I need dual-WAN (wired).

Much appreciated!