Upgrade to 8.1 -- setting lan port vlan

I have a balance 580 and a balance 210 that the setting vlan’s on the lan ports does not seem to work anymore.

How have you tested it?

We had a 210 and setup the 2 vlans and it worked for maybe 1/2 hour and then stopped… Couldn’t ping across. Down grading the software didn’t seem to help. It shows its configured but doesn’t work properly. Doing a factory reset didnt seem to affect it as well
Thought the 210 was bad…so we are using a balance 20 right now it had 6.3 software and is working fine.
The balance 580 was upgraded last week and it had a AP on on lan port, and the AP seemed to be using the untagged lan. So in looking at it I am unable to set the tagged vlan in the web gui the accept anything other than tagged and any. It has 3 vlans. The option does not show that you can pick and choose vlans the port has access to… That system is live so I didnt go further.

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