Upgrade Request: DDNS support

I recently purchased a Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 router. It is fully deployed, in service, and doing a great job. During recent weeks I also was looking at using a DDNS service to provide remote access to my home network, if needed. After some investigation I have the following requests:

(1) Review and potentially expand the list of natively supported DDNS services. Of the current list, 2 of the 3 services no longer provide usable Free accounts, although they all claim to do so.

(2) Expand the documentation regarding DDNS in general. Neither the User’s manual or the Context help make it plain that the router itself can act as an Update client to the native services. Also, there is basically no description of the “Other…” option, although it can also support at least some services and perform successfully as an update client.

For details of my DDNS experiments, see recent topic “Baked-in DDNS Providers”