Upgrade path from BR1 HW1 for race car

I am currently using a BR1 HW1 mini LTE + pep 2x2 mobility antenna in a race car.
Most tracks have fringe coverage and significant signal variability.

I’m streaming video and telemetry so only UP matters.

I almost never see >10Mbps up with the current setup.
At my home which is really fringe, I see 6Mbps up.
In great coverage areas, I see 20MBps up.

If I switch to a Verizon 8800L 4G LTE hotspot which is known for good performance I see about 20% better for upload speeds (8-10Mbps OVER 4-8Mbps BR1). The 8800L is drastically faster than the BR1 for download speeds, but I don’t really use download in this application.

Thus, am I generally tower signal limited such that an upgrade to the router will not really make a material Upload difference? Another approach would be to use a second radio with a different carrier and bonding using speed fusion.

Considering the new Cat-7 BR1 HW3; or the BR1 5G Pro (cat 18?).


If the device you have is indeed a LTE model [I don’t doubt you] it has a CAT4 modem. The VZW 8800L has the X20 modem which is a CAT18 product. Big difference.

If you want to compare “apples to apples” I’d select the BR1 Pro 5G – an excellent product on which the price was recently significantly reduced. The new BR1 Mini HW3 has a CAT7 modem, as you suggest. Excellent product also – and a lower price point. We are a Peplink Partner and I’d be pelased to talk with you about your requirements. I’ll send you our contact info via PM.

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