Upgrade Fusion Hub License

Upgrade Fusion Hub Essential to Pro. Can I do it?

You can’t do an in place upgrade.
You’ll need to build new VM add new licence then migrate peers across to new Fusionhub.


Hi. Martin

If I have installed a new license on the new VM, will the old and new licenses connect together? I want to connect the all router. Of the two licenses together, can I do it?
Than you.

Hi Martin,

So if I understand you correctly if you currently have an essential license, but would like to grow to a larger number of peers then you need to purchase the pro license, but the essential license will be useless ? So it does not stack but is replaced ?

I haven’t checked this in a while - so lets see what the Peplink team say, but I’m pretty sure you can buy an upgrade from an essential license to a pro license commercially, but operationally / technically you have to dump the config of the essential licensed Fusionhub, trash the VM, and build a new one using the pro license - then recover the config from the trashed VM.

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Ok, because in the pricelist we only see prices for “essential” and “pro” named for example, but nothing mentioning a “upgrade”. Thats why I started looking on the forum and found this thread. But I’ll wait to hear what Peplink says on this then

Oh… I had the same question. This is very annoying!!! Upgrade to more peers should be a manner of few clicks in InControl. What is requested by Peplinks is loose of time and who will pay for this?? Even my customer will have a service outage! Peplink shall change this policy soon and allow a smooth license upgrade over InControl without the need of a new VM, service interruption and public IP mismatch (if you create a new VM on a cloud a new public IP is assigned. Yes you can reserve IPs, but why I have to do all this tasks just for a payed upgrade?).

We can arrange something like trade-up (eg. from FusionHub Essential to FusionHub Pro) to process the upgrade.
If you are a Peplink direct partner with eStore login, what you have to do is to add a note to the Order Comment telling us you’d like to trade-up your existing FusionHub with Serial No. XXXXX; Peplink order team will revise the price (or email to [email protected] for creating a manual order).
Otherwise, you can contact your point of purchase (Peplink certified partner) for the trade-up arrangement.