Upgrade Balance30 to Balance50

I already outgrew my Balance 30 and a new Balance 50 is on the way. My questions are as follows:

Can I just simply “Download Active Configuration” and then upload to the new Bal50? How much does the configuration file contain? i.e., does it contain all the DHCP reservations and all of the rules I have written? Is there anything not included?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


Hi Dale,

You can’t upload B30 config file to B50. You may open ticket here and send us the config file.

Thanks. I will be installing the 50 next week. Will open a ticket then

Hi TK Liew. I received the converted config file and uploaded it to the Balance 50. The 3 WANS I had set up for the Balance 30 are there as well as the rules I had written. The DHCP reservations are absent. Are they typically part of the config file??

Sorry: They are all there!!! Everything looks great. Will add the 4th WAN later today.

Thank you so much for your help.


4th WAN added to the Balance 50.
Working flawlessly!!


:o Glad to hear that!