Updating Routes

in Peplink Balance 380 the SpeedFustion Established , but in anther side (Peplink Balance 580) not Established and give me Updating Routes…any help?


  1. May I know end to end communication is ok (from PC to PC)?

  2. What is the firmware version for both B380 and B580?


For personal experience, when this happens its because in the updating routes peplink you have a Wan subnet that conflicts with the subnets of the other Peplink.

Try disconnecting that Wan and you’ll see…

I think that this is solved in new fw 6.2.2 but you’ll have a routing problem, because, let say you’ll try to get to that is on the central lan and it can be too at the wan subnet in the branch site because that wan is and peplink is ( and can be in both sides).

The solution, go to outbound policies, turn on advanced routing and add a enforced rule that say priority or enforced by pepvpn.

It’s not an “elegant” solution, but it works.


Another reason for this occurring is that the FusionHub doesn’t have a LAN IP address assigned via DHCP so you need to manually configure one then this issue goes away.