Updating internal cellular modules' firmware?


I was wondering if the cellular modem firmware is updated automatically when installing the latest firmware on the device or do you have to update it manually. We have several HD4 LTEA and some transits LTEA using the same siërra MC7455 modules,
however the transits are running while the HD4 is running
I tried ‘checking for update’ trough the support.cgi page but no joy, I Always get the message ‘please try again later’.
I checked the KB for a howto but couldn’t find anything.

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The Modem Firmware Update tool in the <support.cgi> is meant for LTE modules, we are targeting to include LTEA modules support after firmware 7.1.0.

If you need to update the LTEA module in the MAX Transit for a specific reason, then you may open a support ticket to allow us manually update via Remote Assistance.