Updating balance 30 firmware

Hello. I am still running the original 4.8.1 build 1106 firmware in my device. ive been having some issues recently with online gaming accross 4 or 5 machines after a little while the latency starts to build up in spikes. Resetting the device seems to clear this up for a while. i would like to update the firmware and see if it makes a difference.

I downloaded the latest firmware but in the pdf file it requests this.Please upgrade to Firmware 5.3.12 before upgrading to Firmware 5.4
I cant find any previous version of firmware listed under downloads for my device under my account registered devices. Since i have no desire to brick it Im hoping i can get some help :slight_smile:


It sounds like you may have a classic Balance 30 device and it is not compatible with version 5.x firmware.

You can tell if it is classic series by the enclosure, if it is plastic then it is a classic model and 4.8.1 was the last firmware available for the device.

Yep thats what it is. I guess in that case Im DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED !

Thanks for the quick reply.

The new Balance 30 comes with a lot of goodies - GbE LAN switch, higher throughput and a range of software features, all in a metallic housing.

I don’t need any more reason to get a new Balance 30 :slight_smile: