Update to remote assistance on/off toggle

Would it be possible to turn the remote assistance link in device web UI’s status tab into something like an on/off toggle, or an enabled checkbox? The current setup where the link disappears and remote assistance must be turned off from another location is confusing. It is also concerning for users when trying to enable it and the link is missing, or once they enable it and worry that it can’t be disabled after noticing the link disappear epecially since they are likely turning on remote assistance because they are already running into an issue.
It would be even better to see the entire functionality of the remote assistance option on the support.cgi page moved to the status tab. This helps ensure those looking to get issues resolved can easily turn RA on and off from the same location and choose the preferred LAN/WAN when necessary.


I don’t want to have to go to support.cgi to turn it off or on, it should stay in the same place where you turned it on.
I’m curious why it needs to be hidden after turning on?

Hello @Topher & @Jonathan_Pitts,
In an earlier release of firmware, you may remember that when you selected “Apply Changes”, you got returned to the device’s dashboard. If remote assistance has been enabled from the Status paged or the support page, you will always have “Remote Assistance Status:” on the dashboard with the button “Turn off” visible.

The dashboard is normally the first screen you will see when logging into a device; Peplink is not hiding the status; they are actually making it more noticeable that it is enabled.

We agree that the Remote Assistance could be left on the status page, too, though Peplink is attempting to streamline the system and make it noticeable that RA in enabled.

On a side note, we use InControl2 to manage RA for our customer’s systems; once the need has passed (such as a support ticket concluded), we turn RA off. Management gets done at the group and organisational levels under the menus of “(Organisation) Settings > Device Management”.


Another good reason to be using InControl2, we have done updated entire fleets (organisations/groups) with RA using this InControl2 feature.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


This is my main gripe, it should be left in the same place.
Thanks for reminding me on it being on the dashboard.
I’ve seen it in ic2, and activated on the device page, but never on the device list, good option as well.


Thanks for the thoughts on this.
I’ve also found the addition of the remote assistance option to IC2 to be super useful at times and agree that the remote assistance banner on the dashboard should remain along with the option to turn it off. It’s just very odd for users to see the option for remote assistance to “disappear” from the status tab once the link is clicked and it seems it could be a small thing we could do to improve the overall product and user experience.


Is this feature available there now? I’m a newcomer to peplink solutions, and some stuff really puzzles me. I like the functionality, but sometimes the necessary options are just too difficult to access. They are hidden somewhere in menus, and I have to watch online tutorials to find them, and it takes too much time. It would be much better if the design was simpler and more straightforward.
I was suggested to use this software by Network London, a company I trust because they helped me to build up my business. But I’m afraid I will need to ask them to help me work with it or teach me to do it.