Update Firmware Pepwave Surf SOHO

When I open a browser to Web Administration and log into the router under the System Tab Firmware I see that the router firmware version 6.0.3 No Update Available. If click on the Check Again button I get the same exact screen back stating 6.0.3 No Update Available. How do I update to 6.1.2?


6.1.x firmware has not been yet added to our firmware server. Here is a link to our 6.1 upgrade guide along with a link for 6.1.2 firmware.

6.1 Upgrade Guide:

SOHO 6.1.2 Firmware Link:

Thank you. I’ll just wait until the upgrade hits the firmware server.

Been trying to do a manual update and keep getting a “can’t connect to the server” message


Can you provide a screen shot on this?

Sorry, when I retried it to get screen shot, the update went through

I still have the same problem. See attached screen shot. I tried to down load the file and cannot open the .BIN file. I do not know what I am doing wrong.

  1. Download this file to your desktop or download folder
    2.In your dashboard, click “choose file”. Find the file you downloaded, highlight it and click OK
  2. When the file appears in the “no file chosen” box—it may take a few seconds, click on “manual upgrade” and let it do its thing

The link provide takes me to Peplink home page

is the file name fw-surf_soho-6.1.0-build1419.bin? I put this file in choose file? A . BIN file?

No- its 6.12
Download :
Download Firmware 6.1.2 for:



Please download firmware for Surf Soho 6.1.2 at here.

Our firmware file format is *.bin.

Thanks to all who help. Now that I understand the .BIN extension I down loaded 6.1.2 and it worked perfectly. I was never down and out in that the old firmware still worked but now one of my most valuable electronic tools is now current. I’m a work camper and several of us depend on my air card and the Surf Solo. I and my fellow work campers are now more “happy campers”. When I first bought this Surf Solo I had no idea what a fine product I was obtaining.