Update Firmware on SIM Injector

I think I have some problems my HD2 Dome loosing connection with the sim card, but before I start a ticket I would like to clarify some things with my SIM injector.

  • First of all, where can I find the latest Firmware for the SIM Injector? googeling or searching in the knowledgebase gets me no where and on the standard firmare page the sim injector is not listed.

  • How can I change login username/password on the SIM Injector? There is no such settings in the web interface. Right now anyone with the IP can guess it on the first attempt :wink:

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We responded here

Settings > Reset Settings.


Hi TK,

is there a easier way to find the latest Firmware than searching hours in the Forum (I had the same question a few days ago)?
Is there a Plan to build in an Update-button like on every other Peplink device?
Is it possible to bring the Firmware on the Firmware-Download-Page like any other produkt, please?


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Hi Zeg,

did you really found the SIM-Injector Firmware on this page? Me not…

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Thank you! All seems to be working right now with the new firmware, thanks for the update!

As @dennis.hofheinz mentioned, I could not find it either on the firmware page, would be very helpful if you could add it to the list or make an auto-search-download function on the gui :slight_smile:

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Mea culpa. I answered generically.

I have relayed this message internally. For the time being, we will provide the firmware in the forum or in the ticket.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.