Update Fimware

Hi, i have peplink balance 700, i need update fimware, now fimware installed is version 4, as upgrade to a more recent version?

Thank for your help.

The highest version you can go to is 5.4.9 after you go to 5.3.12 and your device needs to be on 4.8.2 first. You can open a support ticket for the links and instructions:

2 weeks ago opened ticket and the person who treated me just told me that my Peplink is obsolete and if I am interested in buying a new one -.-, you know where I can download those versions of fimware?


This model was obsolete and out of support. Anyway, you may try to upgrade the firmware as suggested by Tim. I have PM you the download links.

If you encounter the difficulty to upgrade the firmware, please consider refreshing your hardware. We can provide better pricing on this.

Thank you.