Upcloud - fusionhub - stuck in “updating routes”

Background: Deploying FusionHub Solo instances on upcloud instances, connecting with PepVPN to various peplink hardware routers.

Observation: The SpeedFusion connections are stuck in “updating routes.” The tunnels as such seem to be working (i.e., outbound policies direct traffic to them and the web admin speed testing functions work). But it is disconcerting.

Furthermore, this is pretty much the same set-up used with vultr.com (we’re experimenting with upcloud as an additional cloud server platform).

Question: what gives with the upcloud platform re. FusionHub? Or more generally, what do we make of a state where the connection is stuck in “updating routes…”

Updating routes always suggests conflicting remote subnets. What do you see on the speedfusion status view?

Did you add a lan interface to the FusionHub on upcloud?

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The FusionHub Solo instances were completely unaltered aside from upgrading to 8.0.0 RC3. WAN was set to DHCP, no touching the LAN interface. The connection was defined using IC2. The installation on UpCloud was a the minimal plan ($5/month), the only tailoring was to add a disk during the installation for the FusionHub raw image, and then removing the Debian disk after the successful installation rebooting by way of the fusionhub disk.

The FusionHub instance reports a successful PepVPN connection with the hub (a Balance 380 HW6) with the expected view of the hub’s addresses, but the hub is stuck in updating routes.

The connection works as far as speedtests are concerned.

When proceeding with the same deployment of FusionHub Solos on vultr.com the problems do not occur. As of right now the hub has (among others) speedfusion connections to three FusionHubs - one vultr.com, two UpCloud instances.

Here’s the status of the hub as reported by IC2 (fusionhub2 is on vultr.com, the others are the UpCloud instances)

There is probably something really simple, I just don’t see what it is.

And it was indeed simple. UpCloud instances are provided with three network interfaces by default:

  • A public (and static) IPv4 address
  • A public (and static) IPv6 address
  • A private (UpCloud-internal) IPv4 address

Removing the IPv6 interface resolved the issue.



Although the problem was resolved by removing the IPv6 interface, what does it have to do the route updates? Is it normal to have issues with the VPN if you have IPv6?

I did not pursue it further since I had no need for IPv6 for that unit.

Sorry - no further help.


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