Unusual issue

howdy all,

I have a unique issue. I have a peplink 30 and it has three WAN interfaces. (DSL (Static), Cable (DHCP), and One Ring(Static))

I have a Samsung office phone that has the office’s perimeter IP in it so it can connect back to the PBX and register. It worked fine when it was behind the prior firewall, but now it doesn’t work when the peplink is utilized. it is the only device that isn’t working properly. No ports are blocked from the inside out. Anyone have any ideas?

You just need to create an outbound policy rule based on the phone’s IP or MAC address and choose enforced or priority algorithm selecting the WAN that is used by the PBX for registration. If you use enforced then the phone will not work if that WAN connection fails. If you choose Priority then you should have the PBX configured to accept a registration from your other WAN IP addresses.