Unsupported Browser Error with IE 11?

I don’t have issues using IE 11 on my Peplink Balance 20 (Firmware 5.4.7 Build 1648). However I continue to see the following error message:

Unsupported browser detected. Suggested browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above
  • Safari 5.0 or above
  • Google Chrome 9.0 or above
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8 or above

Anything simple to get rid of the message?


I would upgrade to 5.4.9 or (6.1 firmware if unit is in warranty) which can be found here: http://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/balance-firmware-and-user-manual/

Hello Markbagdy,

we ran into this as well, but was fixed by updating in our case to 6.1. now we do not have any issues