Unlock key for recently purchased device?

Do I need an unlock key to upgrade the firmware on a Balance 20 I purchased just a few weeks ago? I’ve registered the device, but don’t see an unlock code on the ‘manage registered devices’ page.

Could you please send us your Balance 20 serial number and point of purchase at http://www.peplink.com/contact/sales/? We will then verify it for you thanks.

You probably do not need an unlock key. Can you let us know which firmware version are you using?

Called and spoke w/ tech support today. No unlock key needed to upgrade the same major version of firmware (in my case, version 5.x). The website couldn’t have been more obscure and confusing about this… But “all’s well that ends well”, and I upgraded my B20’s firmware this afternoon. Thanks all.

That’s great then. Can you let us know where you get the impress that your firmware requires an unlock key? It would be great if you can let us know the details and we can fix it.

Thanks in advance.

I have a similar problem. My Balance 20 shows only a “Unlock the Firmware” screen and asks for an unlock key on my first access. It seems like someone else tried to upgrade the firmware before! I did register my device and the unlock key doesn’t show on my device list. I can’t do anything because he is locked at this screen. The actual firmware is 5.3.9.

Got it. If you purchase from a local retailer, please contact them for an unlock key. If you purchase directly from us, please submit a support ticket with your device information e.g. serial number and purchase order number etc.

We will sort this out. Thank.