Unknown Vendor Probe

Hello and Good Day to All

I just found this today. Two MAC Addresses saying unknown vendor. What bugs me the most is the strong signal they are getting. One of them the F0:C2:8E is getting a -41 signal.
I would think that the device came very close to our Surf soho to get a great signal like that. The closest home to us is about 900 feet away. Anyone else seeing this type of behavior?

Any thoughts?

As for the unknown MAC address you can try looking it up here
Wireshark · OUI Lookup Tool
IEEE SA - Registration Authority

No idea whats going on but that is indeed a very strong signal.

Thank you for the response.
I tried all the lookup tools. Not found is what they all say.

Thoughts? Just a guess, but you have anybody come by carrying an iPhone?

Last I heard their mac randomization isn’t honouring the limitation to their own CID prefixes, and is randomizing all 6 bytes. There should be a flag that shows up in character 2 of those mac addresses in that case, but I haven’t actually tested that to be the case.

Other possibilities are normal spoofed mac addresses, or cheap gear where the vendor didn’t bother purchasing a block of mac addresses and just assigned random values or is squatting in unassigned space.

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Thank You JamesPep for the response.

That’s why I was concerned. No one came over and I checked our phones MAC address. Even with the new feature of the last iOS update MAC address are not even close to the ones in the pic.
Like I said above, with a great signal like that one would have to walk by the back of the house. I checked all security cams that day and day before and no one was around.

What purpose does nearby devices serve other than informational?

Tagging anything as rogue would allow for better reporting and tracking?

I have the same problem, and was able to confirm they we iOS devices. I would start there given your security system.

I just did a test and it was an iPad, and iPhone.
After the latest update was installed with these two devices is when it happened.
Private address button is auto on after update.