Unifying a new device

I have been using a SOHO MK3 router since it came out have manually configured all of the settings. However, my kids are doing lots of remote HW and are on the other side of the house so they get poor reception some days. So I bought a second SOHO MK3. I have incontrol2 on both of them and can see them both. I would like to configure the new one to copy the settings so we can seemlessly move around the house and connect to the nearest one. Can someone tell me or point me to the thread the discusses the correct methodology? I could play around and maybe make it work, but I don’t want to brick the house network for any length of time. I have a hard line going to both systems.

Looking at Incontrol2, it it seems that I might need to

  1. Create a Group and then input my settings.
  2. Apply these settings to the group?

I would rather not have to re-enter everything into incontrol2 from my existing setup.

Is there a way I can have Incontrol2 “Import” the settings on my legacy system as the “Group” settings?

Or am I making this to hard and there is an easier way of doing it, seems pretty normal for me most days…