Uniform options across all models for LAN Ports with Trunk & Access VLAN settings

Hello Peplink/Pepwave Teams,
From our experience currently only some of the Peplink/Pepwave range allows for the full customisation of the LAN port from the default of TRUNK all VLANs. It would be very useful to see the ability to have Customised Trunk & Access assignments of the VLANs to the individual ports across the entire range and for these options to be uniform across all models.

Take these example from Firmware 7.1.1 comparing the LAN assignment options as seen in these images.

Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 LTEA (MAX-BR1-MK2-LTEA-P) Hardware Revision 2 FW7.1.1

Note the missing customisation options for the drop down when port mode is Trunk.

Pepwave MAX HD2 LTE (MAX-HD2-LTEA-P) Hardware Revision 5

Pepwave MAX Transit LTEA (MAX-TST-LTEA-P) Hardware Revision 2

Note (though not shown) is missing the same customisation options as the BR1 Mk2 above.

Peplink Balance One Core (BPL-ONE-CORE) Hardware Revision 1

Peplink Balance 30 LTEA (BPL-031-LTEA-P) Hardware Revision 3

Peplink Balance 210 (BPL-210) Hardware Revision 4 FW7.1.1

Note the missing customisation options for the VLANs on the ports.

Peplink Balance 380 (BPL-380) Hardware Revision 6

Note the missing customisation options for the VLANs on the ports same as Balance 210 above.

Peplink MediaFast 500 (MFA-500-B) Hardware Revision 2

Please have added into future firmware to allow these options across the entire Peplink/Pepwave range. This can be particularly useful where there is a spare port on a router that can then be used for support or allow controlled access to a specific client required VLAN. When working with clients remotely we have occasions when we need a port on a specific VLAN to use for diagnostics.

This feature request is in response ticket ##786920 (being action by @Erik_deBie) and also to previous discussions here in the forum.

Posted by @Ron_Case in November 2017

Posted by @sitloongs in August 2018

We also look forward to thoughts around our fellow forum colleagues around this.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Agree 100%. If some features/settings are not available in a given model they could be omitted but it would be great if the user interface were as similar as possible between models.
TU for bring this up Marcus. :smiley:

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Acknowledged for the request. Engineering team will consider the feasibility.

Just a bit weird for the screenshots given for Peplink Balance 210 (BPL-210) Hardware Revision 4 FW7.1.1 & Peplink Balance 380 (BPL-380) Hardware Revision 6. The VLANs setting should be available for the device. Would you able to PM me the devices serial number and enable RA for me to check ?


We would like to see this feature change be applied to all models. Any LAN port should have the ability to act as a Trunk with a native VLAN selection.

We have a large fleet of BR1 ENT and would benefit from this feature being available similar to our other peplink products in the fleet.

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Agreed- I would like to be able to configure a trunk, with tagged VLANs & select what the untagged VLAN for that trunk is.

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I hate to bump an old thread, but if we could get this added to the MAX BR2 Pro that would be awesome. When the beta for FW 8.3 was released I thought the feature was missing and opened a case only to be pointed to this thread.

It seems like allowing custom trunk port config should be a feature at this level and price point of router.

Thank you,




We will have the Trunk VLAN filter feature improvement for BR1 Pro/BR2 Pro in the coming 8.3.0RC3 and above firmware.