UniFi AP on other side of router

I have a network where it is set up like:

[WAN - DHCP 192.168.88.x]---- (switch) -----[UniFi AP] 
                                  L------ peplink ] --- 192.168.0.x DHCP -- UniFi controller

The UniFi AP needs to talk to the UniFi controller on the other side of the peplink.
Ubiquity says these port are needed:

  • unifi.shutdown.port=8081 (for management purpose)
  • unifi.http.port=8080 (device inform)
  • unifi.https.port=8443 (controller UI / API)
  • portal.http.port=8880 (portal redirect port for HTTP)
  • portal.https.port=8843 (portal redirect port for HTTPs)
  • unifi.db.port=27117 (local-bound port for DB server)
  • web interface =8080

Do I need to port forward? Inbound/Outbound policy??

On the LAN side of the peplink, I can ping and SSH into the AP.
In the peplink, I’ve created and tried inbound rules

  1. any request coming in on port 8080-8843 goes to unifi controller
  2. same for port 27117
  3. same for port 3476

Still, the unifi controller does not see the AP.

Do I need to run a specific “discovery” to see a new AP? If so, where is it? I can’t see it in the unifi controller web software

Does the AP need an extended DHCP option code for it to reach the controller on the other side?

according to this

I’d say yes


I assume you have configured Port Forwarding and opened required ports in Inbound firewall of Balance router. Then you need to enable DHCP Option 43 on the router that assigned IP for 192.168.88.x (according to the shared post).

Hope his help.

thanks, I was able to fix it from this