Understanding VLAN function


I recently purchased a Balance One (6.1.1 firmware) and I am trying to understand some of the available options.

If I have some security cameras that I wanted to move to a VLAN (192.168.2.x) will those cameras be reachable/viewable from the 192.168.1.x network if I enable the VLAN trunking option on the Balance One LAN interface?
If so, do those endpoints need to be directly connected to the Balance One or can they run through a switch?

Camera ( —|[INDENT=4]Switch (unmanaged)------- Balance One (Primary LAN IP + trunking enabled as VLAN 2 w/ ip[/INDENT]
PC ( —|

Thanks in advance.

We support 802.1q VLAN tagging, so you will need a manageable switch that also supports it.

Thanks -Tim


Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll look into a managed switch if this becomes a priority.

Hi Tim,

How about if it is a wi-fi client like an iphone/laptop associated to an SSID that is tied up to VLAN (192.168.2.x) as mentioned above, will those clients be reachable from 192.168.1.x???

Correct me if I am wrong but I think they will reachable as by default, Peplink has inter-VLAN communication enabled internally. If you want to limit this communication between VLANs, you may accomplish it at the outbound firewall.

Yes, with the current firmware those clients would be reachable if not blocked via the firewall.

When we release firmware 6.1.2 there will be a one-click button to disable inter-VLAN routing.

Thanks -Tim