Understanding MAX BR1 WiFi Connections

I have a MAX BR1 MK2 installed in a trailer. It has a 5-way roof antenna (cell x2, WIFI x2, GPS).
I use the WIFI for WIFI as WAN and also have an access point enabled.
I connect to the WIFI AP from a dash mounted tablet in the tow vehicle to access network cameras that are installed on the trailer (360-degree view). It works now, but I’m trying to improve throughput to decrease latency on the cameras.
My questions are:

  • Why two WIFI connections on the MAX? is one for input (WIFI as WAN) and one for the access point, or are they both shared?
  • Would disconnecting one of the WIFI roof antennas and installing a directional antenna on the nose of the trailer facing the truck help?
  • Would a dedicated sperate access point such as the AP One Flex mounted outside on the nose of the trailer offer a significant improvement?