Unbreakable Internet - Speedfusion

Hi, We are a small VoIP business and currently have one DSL connection that works with a single speedstream modem. We are looking at the possibility of adding additional carriers’ lines so that we can have redundancy on our infrastructure should the first carrier go down. When our SIP provider connects to the infrastructure, it is looking for a singular public IP. My question is, would the “unbreakable internet - speedfusion” modems be able to somehow negate the need of the SIP provider to look for one IP from one carrier all the time? Would the modem be able to allow the switchover between the carriers which would be transparent to the SIP provider?

SpeedFusion is a point to point VPN bonding technology and so is created between two (or more) Peplink appliances.
Depending on your SIP provider you have two options.

The first is to use the two WAN links in fail-over. So send and receive VoIP over one WAN as primary and if that fails the Peplink device will redirect the VoIP traffic out over the 2nd WAN link. Most SIP providers get the need for redundancy and so you can give them a list of approved public WAN IPs for making SIP calls, and normally you can give them your primary WAN IP and tell them to use the 2nd IP as a backup / fail-over if the primary is unavailable / fails for when they send SIP traffic to you.

The second is to host a FusionHub virtual appliance in the cloud and create a SpeedFusion bonded VPN between your SpeedFusion enabled Peplink device in your office and the Fusionhub. When you do that you can choose to send all VoIP traffic out over the bonded connection via the Fusionhub. As far as your SIP provider is concerned they will just see the FusionHub public IP as the source and destination of the VoIP traffic.

Whats nice about that is that if one of your WAN links fails the SIP provider won’t be able to tell the difference, you could even plug in a USB 4G dongle into the office Peplink and send and receive VoIP calls via that too - the SIP provider will just see the public IP of the Fusionhub…

Another benefit of using SpeedFusion is WAN Smoothing which can improve VoIP call quality over poor quality WAN links.

There is a customer demo of VoIP over Speedfusion here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCRAwgcSTwE