Unbreakable connectivity on the move!


  • A leading home improvement and construction suppliers retailer located in the Asia Pacific.
  • Currently, there is a network of 60 brick-and-mortar stores across the country.
  • Expanded into providing a delivery service for convenience.


  • To upgrade in-van connectivity for the entire fleet, connecting surveillance and alarm systems.
  • Must be able to utilize at least 2 LTE connections for critical data transmission.
  • Utilize GPS functionality for effective fleet management.

Recommended Solution

  • Each delivery van would be equipped with a MAX HD2 router.

  • This device comes embedded with two cellular modems and dual SIM slots, allowing the use of 2 LTE connections simultaneously, or as a backup.

  • The presence of a built-in 4-port GE switch with PoE capability, can simplify cabling as well as provide power to the surveillance and alarm devices.

  • Equipped with a Terminal Block which supports secure power supply installation in vehicles.

  • With built-in GPS functionality and InControl 2, this allows for fleet tracking and network management from any device, even remotely.

  • In addition to the rugged metal enclosure, it also has multiple certifications making it a versatile router for vehicular deployments.

  • Each vehicle with a MAX HD2 will be linked back to the existing Balance 710 at the headquarters, for data termination to create a SpeedFusion capable VPN tunnel.

Devices Deployed